Monday, July 19, 2010

A Weekend of Food: CrossFit Games 2010

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to cook for a friend of mine from Regina and their affiliate team for The Games weekend. Here is what I prepped for them:

Pictured above are.....

8 pounds strawberries
10 pounds of tomatoes
2 limes and garlic for their own guacamole prep
10-ish cups roasted yams
6 pounds blueberries
1-half gallon jar of almond/pecan butter made by yours truly :)
A jar of Paleo Pesto made by yours truly :)
10 avocados
Couple bunches of naners
12 large english cucumbers
10 bell peppers
5 pounds baby carrots
10 pounds bbq'd rosemary-garlic chicken
10 pounds grass-fed hamburgers

What I couldn't fit in the picture or what was cooling down still...were

The other 25 avocadoes
More bananas
10 pounds bbq'd curry/coconut chicken
10 pounds grass-fed hamburgers

I'm pretty sure that's all I prepped for the weekend, and I have a sneaking suspicion I could have made more yams and meat to last them the full three days. But all the above was packed into coolers and driven down to the Games, and was a success! If you weren't able to go or watch the live feed, you missed out!!!

I'll post the recipe for the curry chicken this week most likely :).

But, CONGRATULATIONS TO CROSSFIT REGINA for their stellar work this weekend. They did awesome!!


  1. I'm your stalker now Amy. I thought yams were starches, similar to potatoes. Why are they on this list?

  2. Hi Laura! Yes, they are a starchy carb, but as far as carbs go they are a good source of vitamins and have their place in a meal plan. For instance, I would eat them after working out along with protein because they are a good source of carbs. White potatoes don't have much going for them in the ways of vitamins and minerals in comparison. And since Paleo doesn't include grains, there aren't a lot of natural foods that contain a dense source of carbs for when you need them, besides fruit.